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Feb 4th: Video: Shia On Stage with Kid Cudi

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Hey all you cats, I know I’ve been behind the scenes but Faith works 24/7 and girl needs a nap so I’m gonna work some of my media guru stuff for you with this fantabulous video from that was sent in by Jamie Lynn. Kid Cudi at Cannibus Cup (I think 2010), Shia on stage filming his music video. Some of the footage you see is actually from Shia’s camera, very very cool!

We also have some screencaptures of this as HD as I could get them. I’m not the guy who usually adds stuff to the site so I have no idea what I’m doing, bare with me please. Love to hear your thoughts! I for one am a big Cudi fan, can’t wait for the video, man:

Category: Featured, Media, News, Photos, Video | Tags: 2010, Cannabis Cup, Kid Cudi

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Shia LaBeouf Online (@ShiaLaBeoufBiz) | 4:46 am

Update: Video: Shia On Stage with Kid Cudi #ShiaLaBeouf

Video: Shia On Stage with Kid Cudi - } fansite collective | 4:47 am

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