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Der beste Spieler in Elder Titanfall Wallstreet zieht enttäuscht Shia LaBeouf Wolf of Cyrodiil zurck hat von kann Online sich Scrolls werden Gamer Kaiser

Jan 18th: Photo + Interview: Sundance 2013 for Charlie Countryman (Interview Quotes)

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A great new photo from The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman from Entertainment Weekly, along with some interview snippets from Shia and Evan Rachel Wood at Sundance 2013:

“Romania was amazing,” LeBeouf added. “It really is a character in the movie and brings an authenticity to the film and helps the audience to escape into the world that our characters are living in.”


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Aug 23rd: Photos: Lawless Hollywood Premiere HQ Adds

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88 mostly HQ additions to the Lawless Hollywood Premiere event photos:

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Aug 22nd: Photos: Lawless Hollywood Premiere HQ

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Moslty HQ with a few MQ photos of Shia at the Hollywood, California premiere of his new film Lawless tonight – will be adding more as they become available:

August 22, 2012 – Lawless Hollywood Premiere

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Aug 21st: Video: Good Morning America Interview

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Full interview with Shia on Good Morning America that aired yesterday but I believe was filmed August first:

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Aug 15th: Scans: The Hollywood Reporter (August 24, 2012) + BTS Video

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Speak of the devil, here are 3 HQ scans from The Hollywood Reporter issue that the last post was taken from in which Shia does a little big talking about big budget films and mainstream studios:

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